David Bowie Named As TIME Magazine Fashion Icon

TIME magazine named David Bowie as one of the ‘All-TIME 100 Fashion Icons’, a list of the 100 most influential fashion icons since the first issue of TIME in 1923.

David Bowie and Twiggy

The magazine described Bowie’s “creative identity” as including a “rebellious androgyny” and being made up of “competing dualisms” in, for example, “masculine and feminine” and in a marvelous and incisive comment, “ backward-drawing inspiration and forward-moving reinvention”.

David Bowie Fashion Icon In The Man Who Fell To Earth

Bowie was one of only five musical figures in the list. The others were The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Bowie’s wife, famed supermodel Iman, was also included in the list of icons.

David Bowie and Iman

About David Bowie News by Bewlay Sister

new articles on the history of David Bowie
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4 Responses to David Bowie Named As TIME Magazine Fashion Icon

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  3. leiulf says:

    Don’t forget he is the only human being named as the “Best dressed man” and “worst dressed woman” simultaneously. BTW, the cover of Pin Ups was shot for Vogue. He denied himself the honor of being the first male to grace their cover by pinching the photo for the L.P.

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