David Bowie & Iman Wedding

David Bowie Iman Wedding Showing CorsageOn June 6, 1992 David Bowie and Iman were married in a church service at the American Church of St James in Florence, Italy.

(In a bizarre coincidence, that was the 20th anniversary of the release of Ziggy Stardust!)

They had already married in a civil ceremony in Lausanne, Switzerland on 24 April, with just two witnesses present and no guests.

David and Iman had sailed down the coast of Italy on a six-week boat trip the previous year and both had a special fondness for Italy.

David Bowie Iman Wedding With Son Duncan Jones Then Called Joe JonesBowie arrived the day before the wedding service, having celebrated his son’s 21 birthday a few days previously on the Caribbean island of Mustique, where David owned a holiday home. His son Duncan Jones – at that stage calling himself Joe – was David’s best man at the wedding.

On the day of the wedding – a Saturday – the service began at 4pm, lasting fifty minutes.

While something like a thousand people jostled outside the church restrained by police, Reverend Mario Marziale conducted a service which in one respect was non-traditional.

David Bowie Iman Wedding DressInstead of the traditional ‘Here Comes The Bride’ for the entrance of the bride, the couple chose a Bulgarian folk song called ‘Kalimankou Denkou’ (The Evening Gathering) by Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, a Bulgarian female choir. (See end of article.) Bowie composed the other music played during the service.

David and Iman both wore black and white. Iman’s dress was designed by Herve Leger and David’s suit by Thierry Mugler. Leger and Mugler were guests at the wedding, as was hairdresser Teddy Antolin who styled Iman’s hair.

Antolin had introduced Iman and David to each other at a dinner party in 1990.

David Bowie Iman Wedding Bono Yoko Ono Brian Eno

David & Iman with Bono, Yoko Ono and Brian Eno

David Bowie Iman Wedding David's Mother Margaret Jones

David Bowie and Iman with David’s mother Margaret Jones

Most guests were family (including David’s mother Margaret) and non-famous friends. Only 68 people were invited, which included a few famous guests such as Yoko Ono and Bono, who missed the service through missing his flight. He arrived in time for the photos and the reception.

The guests were so few in number that they were accommodated at just eight tables at the reception, which was held at the luxury Villa La Massa hotel, a sixteenth century Medici mansion.

David Bowie Iman Wedding Villa La Massa

David Bowie Iman Wedding Kiss

David and Iman left the party at 1am, leaving the next day on their honeymoon and beginning a very successful, happy marriage.

Postscript #1: Why Did David Bowie & Iman Have A Church Wedding?

David Bowie Iman Wedding Close UpAs I mention above, they had already been married in a civil ceremony, but David was quoted as saying that “our real marriage, sanctified by God, had to happen in a church in Florence”.

Given Bowie’s lifestyle, it may seem surprising that he felt this way, but David has said, “I’m not a religious person – I’m a spiritual person. God plays a very important part in my life”.

On his Station To Station album, his beautiful song, ‘Word On A Wing’ is partly a prayer, although an ambiguous one.

Iman is Muslim, but accepted being married in a church. She said, “Getting married did not convert me from a Muslim into a Christian.”

Postscript #2: The Impact of the Wedding on David Bowie’s Music

David Bowie Black Tie White Noise Album CoverSome of the instrumental music Bowie wrote for the church service would be used in songs on his next album, Black Tie White Noise, an album intended to celebrate his wedding with Iman.

While the album overall celebrated his wedding and his relationship with Iman, most of the tracks do not have that theme.

The title track of the album is in fact about the Los Angeles riots, which broke out as David and Iman arrived in the city a few days after their Lausanne registry wedding.

David Bowie Outside Album CoverAlso, the big hit from the album ‘Jump They Say’ is at least in part about his half-brother, Terry. In a future post, I will tell you more about Terry.

At the wedding David entered into some discussions with another famous guest, Brian Eno, which would result in the two of them working together on Bowie’s 1995 album Outside.

Postscript #3: David & Iman’s Bulgarian Wedding Song and David’s ‘Word On A Wing’

‘Word On A Wing’

Lord, I kneel and offer you
my word on a wing
And I’m trying hard to fit
among your scheme of things
Lord, lord, my prayer flies
like a word on a wing

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24 Responses to David Bowie & Iman Wedding

  1. Oh wow, the wedding song and Iman’s wedding dress are both beautiful! Also, I think “The Wedding Song” is one of the sweetest songs that Bowie has ever written.

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  3. silenzii says:

    Thank you for this page. I’m a huge fan of this adorable couple. Long life to them!

  4. Isadora D says:

    Bowie, Angie, Zowie…. What an outstanding family ! And how it was nice and cool ! And how they made us dream !… No such thing today with David robert Jones/Iman/alexandria …. Iman take up far too much place, she is so artificial so much cosmetic surgery, … Breast filled with siliconne, very big calves…. I find her face really ugly . Angie was not beautiful but she at least pushed Bowie up to stars, she participated in the creation of the character ” Bowie “. IF you compare photos of both weedings, you can see very huge difference between both couples that Bowie formed with these two women and oh how much I prefer thousand and thousand times better the couple which he formed with Angie. I hate , I detest strongly what Iman made of David Bowie, she killed Bowie.

    • destiny84 says:


      • Isadora D says:

        Come on! cosmetic surgery ,dental surgery, plastic surgery, breast implants, hairdresser, makeup, massager, thalassatherapy, domestics servants, holidays all year long, , cash loaded, handled rudely by Mister David Robert Jones in his bed….Well thus, anybody looks good………….I don’t hate her at all !! . I only say the truth and nothing but the truth. The last photographs showing him in his company seem to me right. He’s not breathing happiness, that’s for sure!

    • DaJuan Williams says:

      Isadora…you are very misguided and sound a lot like an opinionated hater with no real basis in fact for your rant. Thought you are entitled to your opinion it’s really not that important. You see, “Opinions are a lot like assholes, everybody has one and they usually stink.” And hater rants generally stink of envy, So pull your panties up over your head and keep your stench to yourself!

      • Isadora D says:

        Each to his own.
        Everyone has their own way of thinking things.
        Everyone thinks what they like.
        Every person has his own opinion.
        However, I stay polite which is not your case. You can talk to me and still be polite.
        So Peace and Love ! And Bowie for all eternity. . .

      • Robin says:

        I agree DaJuan, real hater, hater, she wants to take her place.

    • Arlene says:

      Your words are hateful and venomous towards David’s choice in marrying the beautiful Iman. I believe his true fans have no issue with his decision; that’s love.

  5. whitney 25 says:

    You are hateing, And the only thing ugly, is your bad mouth Isadora.

  6. june HAMM says:


  7. Olga says:

    I have to say in All honesty that it is inconceivable how two dazed out, self-obsessed, narcissistic individuals produced such a fine, grounded and psychologically sound individual. There must have been an angel looking after him in his formative years. I am not in any way attacking mr bowie, it was commendable that he gained sole custody and protection . The mother was in the park most of the time without a leash. His creative output as director should be applauded. It is wonderful that mr bowie has dropped the anchor with iman. No, it’s not death. It is resolve.

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  10. Dr. Bob says:

    Stayed at Villa La Massa with my wife for our 20th wedding anniversary. Bowie and Iman had excellent taste. Recommend it highly. Sorry to hear of Davids passing.

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  12. I dunno David Bowie looked very happy and smiling in all the pics with Iman. She got lucky.

  13. Jorge Job says:

    I think that in all the pics that I have seen, both David and Iman look extremely happy,smiling and in love each other, both were lucky We miss you forever David

  14. Larry Adds says:

    I can only say, I know not much about them all, but I LOVE them ALL. They enhanced our world.

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